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Hello !

Wow what a great entry ! The game was indeed very very good ! The cool thing is that even if the dialogues in the game are really well written, there a various phase of gameplay and we think that's very cool to add various thing to do. The character seems to progress more and more through the game it's very interesting. The graphics looks stunning and the musical ambiance is great as well. The only thing we'd like to point out is when you are in the menu when you are selecting something, it seems sometimes it select two or three thing at the same time. Otherwise, brilliant job my friend ! We wish you the best !

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GabeMalk responds:

Thank you! We'll surely try your game too!

Hello !

We tried your game and it's definitely very good ! The graphics are simple, the game mechanic as well, but it's very solid and the gameplay is good ! Even if the graphics are simple, they still look consistent and beautiful. The level design / puzzles were also well made. It would have been even better with some musics :) Otherwise, good job my friend !

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wow this is splendid, good job on this one!

ScottJacob responds:

Thank you!

Great! Good job, you are awesome :)
Keep up the good work!

Wonderful, you are very talentuous! I can sense some Undertale and Touhou vibes into them.

Great job! I love all of them :)

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Wow, this is really good! Awesome work on this one, I love it. Everything look perfect, nice animation and shading :)

Congratulations, this is a 5 stars!

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